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Some queries that you might have in your mind as a student when deciding to select our services for your help:-

  • What is the backup for the guarantees that your company provides?
HQ- Students always look for a security behind every claim put forward by the company, which is why we provide multiple procedures of contact and safe synchronisation for the students; along with free revisions (which won’t be necessary because of our quality), money-back guarantee, and anti-plagiarism reports with every order.

  • How many styles of citations can your company’s writers provide if I want a standard-compatible dissertation that states a particular style preferred by my university?
Our writers are experienced plus highly qualified, and have been working for a long time as writing professionals; appropriately equipped with all the measures of desirable quality; some of the styles that they can handle easily are the MLA, Chicago, APA, Oxford, Harvard and many others.

  • What other features or benefits will I receive along with my dissertation order from your company?
HQ-Writing with the best quality is the only priority that our writers, editors and authors are focusing on. Writing your essays, thesis, or dissertations are the basics that are tremendously covered, and along with that, we offer many features like Mentoring and Supervising. Student’s success is the foremost obligation, for that sole purpose we also provide help and support for any confusions and issues that you might encounter. The major concentration falls upon the writing process for satisfying you in every situation.

  • How often can I get in touch with the writers or editors that are working on my order?
You can get in touch with the professional group working on your project continuously through email; and you can get in touch with the live support at any time of the day that you would like, through telephone, or live chat; whatever method that you please. Sharing your thoughts with the professionals is preferred by us anyway, this keeps you constantly updated with the progress, and any amendments may be recommended from both ends.

  • If revisions are required, by the university or/and by me, would you people allow it?
HQ-Yes! Our services and policies are not limited to any timing; after-sales services also include unlimited free revisions and constant support for the students, whenever they need them.

  • What if I am an EFL/ESL student and my dissertation is already created but only needs some expert’s touch?
Proofreading and editing is one of the specialities of our team-workers, the students need only to mention their problems, whichever they may be encountering, and the help will be provided accordingly.

  • Are the courses and the number of subjects that you offer to write the dissertation on, limited in number?
All the courses studied in UK, whether common or not, are all covered by the experts in our company; an extremely large number of subjects and courses are handled, dependent on the demands of the students.

  • What about the reference page and its contents? Will I be getting the sources’ information that was used to construct my dissertation?
HQ-All the orders are completely authentic, staying original and plagiarism-free all the time is our major motto. That is why the student will accordingly be provided with the page of sources and resources that were used for the project written for him/her.

  • Would it be safe and secure to make an online payment to your company?
Safety and security is not only significant to you, but to us as well since our business relies on such measures. That is why we have only employed encrypted servers and dedicated transaction procedures that you can certainly view through the payment methods that are available. PayPal, credit cards, debit cards and online bank transfers; these are the methods that are offered. And you should keep in mind that PayPal only allows legit customers to hold an account on their servers so your work and personal information is always protected.

  • What are the supportive formats that your writers are dealing with?
HQ-In the MS-Word application; our editors use the ‘12-point’ font size with the font style of ‘Times New Roman’ for compiling the dissertation. The style and format can also and always be rearranged on the student’s desire.

  • Can I make payments in instalments if it is my requirement due to any problems?
HQ-YES, you can avail the instalment option but only after referring to one of our Customer Support Representatives, if the case is genuine and there is payment problem from your end regarding a full payment, then we are more than happy to be of assistance.

  • Is there any specific procedure to check the status of my dissertation progress?
Certainly there is. If you want to know any details about your project between the time-period of constitution, you will be assisted and guided with open arms; that will enable you to track the progress comfortably.

  • What will be the process of sending me the order after my dissertation completion?
The method used will be via email, of course. The email that you used to contact us will be our first attempt, otherwise you can mention whichever email is suitable for you.

  • The most important query; what are your prices?

Stated below are the rates for 250 words:

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